Case Studies

Case Study-1: Cloud CRM/ERP Implementation for MNC Retailer

Executive Summary: Retailers are gradually moving towards, Cloud implementation for their existing CRM system. Other than better user experience, high end and secured services, cloud CRM implementation, enables them full automation for few of end to end process, with zero manual intervention.

Challenges: Old on-premise CRM, not only puts user experience and data on risk , but also needs a lot of manual intervention, for repetitive manual tasks

Solutions: Performed end to end Cloud implementation, including customized CRM/ERP for its Client, Data Migration from Legacy to new Platform and fully automated feeds, orders, invoice etc

Case Study-2: EBI for Giant MNC Retailer

Executive Summary: MNC based client on large scale used to face big challenge in managing the near real time transactions which may lead to revenue loss. In that case, implemented customized Application Management which helps in Data Analytics too.

Challenges: Loss of real time transactions of payments and selections thru various means and leading to loss of revenue. Issue of continuous maintenance and monitoring of such CRITICAL applications

Solutions: EBI implementation and maintenance, using latest market tools, for efficiently handling data, supporting OLTP and OLAP, creation and maintenance of Data Lake, Data Warehouse.

Case Study-3: Oracle based Human Capital management for esteemed Pvt. Bank in India

Executive Summary: Migration from On-premise to Cloud application for the bank’s Absence and time and labor management. Seamless integration of the Mobile Application to enable employee to apply, transact and regularize their absence entries from Mobile devices.

Challenges: Migration from On-Premise PeopleSoft application to HCM Cloud. And need for a scalable solution that can enable growing employee base with self service features that is easy to adopt.

Solution: With the aid of Oracle Absence Management Cloud, Oracle Time and Labor Cloud and Integration using SOA Cloud Services with the Pvt. Bank’s in-house Mobile Application. After the successful Goal and Performance Management deployment last year, Private Bank has now gone live with Absence Management and Time and Labor Solution for all its more than 85k employees spread across 15+ countries.

Duration: ~7500days (Remote Delivery)

Case Study-4: Migrating from Existing set up to Cloud infrastructure (Oracle Fusion) for one of the esteemed Financial Institution.

Executive Summary: Old Mutual, eBS R12.2.8 Payroll and Share Scheme re- implementation, moving the system to Oracle IaaS, integration with Workday HCM using OIC. This is a multi-pillar project with so many moving parts. eBS Payroll re- implementation on IaaS, Data migration, Reports, and integration with HCM Workday

Challenges: eBS R12.1.3 application on-premise was at lower version and infrastructure maintenance is difficult.

Solution: Integrated with all systems using the latest technology of OIC. Performed Functional, Technical, APPS DBA, OIC, and Infrastructure maintenance to get the desired integration and customer management.

Duration : ~2800days (Remote Delivery)

Case Study-5: Cloud Computing : Azure Hosting and AI/ML Application

Executive Summary: Hosted mobile and website applications on Azure and developed an AI/ML application for predicting the risk of diabetes based on medical reports, providing valuable insights for healthcare professionals and patients.

Challenges: To effectively leverage cloud computing to host applications on Azure while optimizing costs and developing an AI/ML application for diabetes prediction. In addition, cost optimization on existing set up thru AI/ML.


  1. Azure Hosting : Migrated on-premise servers to Azure cloud servers, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security for hosted mobile and website applications
  2. Cost Optimization: Leveraging serverless architectures to minimize costs without compromising performance as per client’s inputs.
  3. AI/ML Application: Developed an application that analyzes medical reports to predict the risk of diabetes. By applying machine learning algorithms to historical data, the application provides valuable insights for early intervention and preventive measures
Case Study-6: E-commerce Firm- Mobile App Development.

Executive Summary: Developed Application, named Metakidzo, an educational app for children aged 4 to 8 yrs, offering interactive and fun learning experience

Challenges: Need very friendly and fun learning experience to keep the children intact for entire period till end of all the sessions as well as adapting to the client’s workflow

 Solution: Developed the MetaKidzo application using Flutter, along with Android Studio and Xcode, enabling cross-platform compatibility. The app encompassed various learning categories, including animals, alphabets, numbers, colors, and flowers, with interactive images and pronunciations. Successful completion done within a month on both android and IOS platforms.

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